by Nesara

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"Nexus" comes from a deeply significant time in my life. This musical identity would not have unfolded without the life changing experiences of the past year and a half. In some sense, I feel less like a person and more of a conduit of transient emotion and thought. Nexus is partially based on a conceptual understanding of the universe being not only within us - but synonymous with consciousness itself - in which we are divisions of a singular, cosmic being. Musical themes and lyrics from this album span many years of fleeting, incomplete ideas. Some good friends and I are currently in talks of fashioning Nesara into a live band, so expect much more in the future!

Thank you so much to everyone in my life as well as those who assisted in the creation of this album. You know who you all are and I love you with all of my heart <3


released March 10, 2017

Tyler Fritzel - guest solo on "Elysian"
Connor Noteboom - guest solo on "Yugen"
Mac Soteros - additional vocals on "Yugen"

Artwork by Nathaniel Hitt

Austin Schmidt - everything else



all rights reserved


Nesara Lawrence, Kansas

I'm a multi-instrumentalist / producer / one man band AKA skullet guy. This is my first ever DIY solo album. Thanks for listening!

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Track Name: Elysian
I am home within the nexus of this love
echoes of the primordial
Ascending through sophic winds
Concealing waking moments
Into the depth of memory

Void and spirit intertwine

Eidolon within unfolds
to mend forsaken, broken souls
Great sun heals the scorn with ease
Gazing back at me, I can feel its presence
Respiring the breath of the universe

untold, unseen; reveanants held so dear
empirical truth forever known

Standing before me; celestial being
Surrounded by totality of reflection

though seldom seen,
the space betwixt choice and destiny reveals
elysian planes of cascading fractal perfection

Kind smiling sun relieves the scorn
I am still among swaying tides
This calamity edified
Track Name: Home
I know not a heaven greater than this

Astral dreams are woven
Held so close in this union
never alone
We are home

Ignited the shiver along my spine
Wonder, within us you have shown
Unity I have never known
I owe this all to you

Whispers travel to my core
Elation echoes ever forth
Soul shining through your skin
Radiates like morning snow

To your presence I awake each day
For this I thank you now
Track Name: Haze
Shrouded in the vast expanse
Devoid the sense of time
Guiding apparition pines the way
Tomorrow wavers, long remembered
Mute and blind, drowning in throes
Abide naught among the silent
Shrieks echo forth as I shudder
Yet behind those eyes light defies
Luminary of dawn breaks
Its touch revered by sentient kin
Beget the sun again
Waste not that which breathes life
Atone the darkened soul of man
Consciously recede into the haze
Carry this tired mind back to the source
Track Name: Tides
Touch of silence brings grace of cold
that which we bury scorns solace in our hearts

All that I've been mistaken for buries deep within where time eludes
All that stands betwixt eternity,
such vivid memories

Ever persistent illusions

Of some life beyond day-to-day
Dead end for eternity
We long to escape
To no avail

Hell hath become abode
Ever present yet we deny
Empirical evidence pervades
yet we save face

It shackles mind and soul of all
This hell has become my abode
And it shackles mind and soul

Dense waves cascade in visceral array
As I erase myself among the mind of God

Buried alive, suffocation imminent
These walls will not escape themselves

Suspent vision
Cast to the nexus

Void incarnate I am
Track Name: Yugen
We've been estranged
From our true nature
The light for which we strive denied
Brought to our knees
Raped and scorned repeatedly

Nightmare never fades
Demons run amok hold sway
Thriving on endless human suffering
Will we take heed to the warnings?
Or welcome this darkness with open arms?

Are we so weak not to overcome?
What choice is there but to repair?
The damage done & more to come

I stare into the sun
Reliving everything I've done
All we've ever seen
Illusions never meant to be

Soul ablaze resounds within
To meet full circle
Giving in to the war within
Nothing will ever be the same again

I am of amorphous entropy
Ciphering this enigmatic anomaly
Resounding within the primordial
Self humbled in reverence
Imbued with omnipresent awareness

I erase myself with ease
Nothing will ever be the same again

Lament the annihilation
Of our sons and our daughters
Whose time will never come
Mourning the endless destruction
Save our souls lest we pine away

Soaring divinity beseeches me

Toroidal form cycle through zero point singularity
Command immense vortices of energy
Acquiesce to pandimensional connectivity
All life permeates in unity